2021 Endorsements

Next Election: August 3

Ballots mailed out July 16

King County


King County Executive

✱ Dow Constantine 

King County Council Position 3

Sarah Perry

King County Council Position 5

Dave Upthegrove

King County Council Position 5

Shukri Olow

King County Council Position 9

Kim-Khanh Van

VMC Board of Trustees – King County Public Hospital District #1

✱ Dustin Lambro

VMC Board of Trustees – King County Public Hospital District #1

✱ Monique Taylor-Swan

Ballot Measure

✱ Best Starts for Kids (Levy Renewal)


Seattle Mayor

Lorena Gonzalez

Seattle City Council Position 8

Teresa Mosqueda

Seattle City Council Position 9

Nikkita Oliver
Brianna Thomas

Seattle Port

Hamdi Mohamed

Seattle Port

Ryan Calkins

Seattle Port

Toshiko Hasegawa


Auburn City Council

Larry Brown


City Council Position 4

Ruth Lipscomb

City Council Position 6

Lynne Robinson


City Council Position 1

Hugo Garcia

City Council Position 3

Jimmy Matta

City Council Position 7

Krystal Marx

City Council Position 5

Sarah Moore

Federal Way


Jim Ferrell

City Council Position 2

Gregory Baruso

City Council Position 4

Katherine Festa

City Council Position 5

Leandra Craft

City Council Position 6

Martin Moore


City Council Position 3

Barb DeMichelle



Dawn Bennett

City Council Position 2

Satwinder Kaur

City Council Position 4

Clifford Cawthorn


City Council Position 1

Joe Todd

City Council Position 2

Carmen Rivera


City Council Position 2

Jake Simpson

City Council Position 4

Mohamed Egal

City Council Position 6

Iris Guzman


City Council Position 1

Tosh Sharp

City Council Position 7

De’Sean Quinn

Pierce County


Mayor of Tacoma

Victoria Woodards

Tacoma City Council

Anne Artman

Tacoma City Council

Catherine Ushka

Tacoma City Council

Kiara Daniels

Tacoma City Council

Sarah Rumbaugh

Tacoma School Board

Korey Strozier

Tacoma School Board

Chelsea McElroy


City Council

Julie Door

Snohomish County


Edmonds City Council

Adrienne Fraley Monillas

Edmonds City Council

Alicia Crank


City Council Position 1

Mary Fosse

City Council Position 2

Paula Rhyne

City Council Position 4

Liz Vogeli

Spokane County


City Council D 2 Position 2

Betsy Wilkerson

City Council D 3 Position 2

Zach Zappone

Thurston County


City Council Position 2

Yen Huynh

City Council Position 4

Clark Gilman

City Council Position 6

Dontae Payne

City Council Position 6

Sarah Destasio

City Council Position 7

Jim Cooper

Yakima County


City Council Position 2

Danny Herrera

City Council Position 4

Janice Deccio

City Council Position 6

Sam Johnson

Whatcom County

Whatcom County Council At-Large

Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council District 1

Kaylee Galloway
Eddy Ury

Whatcom County Council District 2

Todd Donovan

Whatcom County Council District 3

Rebecca Lewis


City Council Member At-Large

Kristina Michele Skinner-Martens

Re-Elect King County Executive Dow Constantine

King County Executive Dow Constantine has stood strong with healthcare workers at the bargaining table and throughout COVID, holding employers accountable to provide quality care and good jobs in our community. He took steps early in the pandemic to ensure people living homeless had safe accommodations by renting hotels for shelter space, and has doubled down on that commitment by buying underutilized hotels around the county to convert to supportive housing.

Under his leadership, King County has expanded Metro transit service, improved oil safety rules, and created one of the best urban forestry programs in the nation. Constantine also led efforts to pass Best Starts for Kids, a model initiative that increases access to healthy food, affordable housing, and public health services for many of King County’s most vulnerable children.

Constantine is now running for a fourth term as King County Executive to build on a pandemic recovery that puts people first and creates inclusive communities. If he is re-elected, one of Constantine’s priorities will be to reform the King County Sheriff’s Office. In addition, Constantine hopes to continue and expand his efforts to open more hotels to house homeless residents of King County.

Vote Dustin and Monique for an Accountable Valley Medical Center

Elect Dustin Lambro – King County Hospital District 1, Commissioner Position 2

Dustin Lambro is president of the King County Labor Council and political director for Teamsters Local 117, and has extensive community leadership experience and is a staunch workers’ rights advocate. He is running to restore final decision authority to the hospital commissioners elected by voters instead of trustees selected by the University of Washington. Lambro wants to make sure that the community has a voice in the governance of its hospital system and health care.

Elect Monique Taylor-Swan – King County Hospital District 1, Commissioner Position 4

Monique Taylor-Swan is a community leader who serves as a board member of SEIU 775 and a member of the Renton Inclusion Task Force. She currently works as a home care aid with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Taylor-Swan is running for commissioner to work towards more accessible, quality care in Renton. She wants to focus on proper staffing and making pay more equitable between the highest-paid executives and underpaid nurses and staff. If elected, Taylor-Swan will use an inclusion and equity lens to make sure that everyone who needs it can access culturally competent care at Valley Medical Center.

Vote YES to renew Best Starts for Kids- King County Proposition 1

Renewing the Best Starts for Kids levy will maintain and expand effective programs that put our children and youth on a path toward lifelong success.

Renewing Best Starts for Kids will maintain critical funding for homelessness prevention, prenatal resources, social and emotional youth development programs, and more. Research has shown that the kind of prevention and early engagement funded by Best Starts is the most effective, and least expensive, way to ensure positive outcomes for our kids and community.

Proposed by King County Executive Dow Constantine, the Best Starts for Kids program generates millions of dollars to provide children and youth in King County the chance to be healthy, happy, and safe. Proposition 1 would renew and expand services, allowing the county to build on the program’s proven successes like Prenatal-5 family support, youth and family homelessness services, and community-driven partnerships through Communities of Opportunity that address emotional growth. It will also help families access affordable childcare and begin to ensure childcare workers earn a living wage.

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